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Inter-Tel GLX Telephones

612.3200 / 6 line standard Inter-tel telephone 612.3200 / 6 line standard Inter-tel telephone N/A CALL
612.3300 / 6 line Executive Inter tel telephone 612.3300 / 6 line Executive Inter tel telephone N/A CALL

Inter-Tel GLX+ Telephones

612.4300 / 6 line standard Intertel telephone 612.4300 / 6 line standard Intertel telephone N/A CALL
612.4200 / 6 line Executive Inter-tel telephone 612.4200 / 6 line Executive Inter-tel telephone N/A CALL

About Inter tel GLX and GLX Plus Phones and Components

One of the most difficult and rare series of the Intertel line is the Inter tel GLX Plus and GLX phone system and components. If you are searching for the Inter Tel GLX or Inter tel GLX Plus phone, then you came to the right place. However, you might want to call us first before placing your Inter Tel GLX Plus order with us. These phones are very very difficult to find or keep in stock. The Inter Tel GLX Plus and GLX phones have been discontinued for some time now. Dont be discouraged if you call us and they are out of stock. We will put you on a waiting list, for when we get more of the Inter Tel GLX Plus phones.

At Craig Communications, we have the most popular Inter tel GLX Plus phones, including the GLX+ 612.4200 6 line Executive and the 612.4300 6 line standard .We also carry the Inter Tel GLX 612.3300 6 line Executive 612.3200 6 line standard models. Both the Inter tel GLX and Inter tel GLX Plus models were leading the way in telecommunications solutions and now we have them for much less than standard retail prices. We take pride in our step by step refurbishing process that we put all of our Intertel GLX plus phones through. With 10 years in the business, it shows why customers love our great pricing and quality products when it comes to the Inter Tel GLX phone and components.

Call us today to find out how the Inter tel GLX plus phone system and our like new or refurbished Intertel phones and systems can transform your daily business operations!

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